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Being a culinary chef for over a decade, I’d always get questions from colleagues, friends and family about whether I cook fancy food and cuisine at home, some would even make comments that my husband must be a lucky man [well he definitely is lucky], but the question remained, do I cook fancy food at home as well. Truth be told, I cook a lot of fancy food at work, during lectures/classes and when I get home, all I want to do is cook what I call ‘ugly delicious’ comfort food, wrapping you up with great warmth and tickles your tastebuds. So, I thought why not invite you to my home and start a blog, giving you the best seat in my kitchen to have a front row view of what I put on my plate, from my kitchen to yours.


Hunger hunger hunger

In 2017 my husband and I had gone out to dinner for our anniversary to enjoy a 3-course meal at a very nice restaurant to celebrate the special occasion. This was around the time I decided to start a blog, but I had trouble deciding on a name. So, we enjoyed the evening, paid the bill and as we were approaching the car to go home [after 3-course meal] Kashif says ‘When we get home, could you please make me some BBQ potstickers when we get home?’ And to my response ‘Oh, my hungry husband, always hungry’ and ping My Hungry Husband was born.

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My Hungry Husband is your ticket for a front row seat to my kitchen table, where you get to enjoy tips and tricks on how to make sure you reduce wastage by using everything in your pantry, turning basic ingredients into a Michelin star meal by tuning deeper into your inner Gordan Ramsey. Also get recipes to my greatest masterpieces with my own few twists on some of the classic dishes keeping your hungry husband well fed for a lifetime. What’s great with these recipes is that they are all done within minutes! Who wants to labour away in the kitchen for hours after a long day at work? Certainly not you and I, [which is why we are here :)]. That’s not all, I went further and prepared a series of meals for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home within 10-15 minutes, with our range of mouthwatering Dim Sum delights featuring exquisite potstickers and divine bao buns. These delectable goods are hand-made from scratch, to ensure that each bite packs the same punch of love that I serve in my own kitchen!


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