My Hungry Husband

April 2018

Beginner Ramen

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix’s Chef’s Table and all other food shows I can get my hands on and the episode with Ivan Orkin intrigued me. This is one dish I have never tried making before. I’m calling it beginner ramen because this is my first attempt and I don’t think it will

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Epic Shrimp Masala

It was one of those days where I finished late, still had to get groceries before I got home and really didn’t feel like cooking but did not care for take out. One of my favourite things to order from Bibi’s Kitchen in Wynberg is their Shrimp Masala Salomie, but at the price for one

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Macaroni & Mince Soup

This soup is like bolognese, but the soup version. I wanted to have pasta and hungrybae wanted to have soup, thus this Franken dish was born. It seems strange but was actually quite satisfying and comforting. Bonus points for the next day as the pasta absorbs the liquid and you have a pasta dish to

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