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Prawn Curry Recipe

Prawn Curry Recipe As promised, but a little bit later than expected – the prawn curry recipe I made last week. This recipe is all about juicy prawns cooked in a blend of spices that will warm you from the inside out. Imagine tender prawns simmered in a mix of fragrant spices, creamy coconut milk, […]

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Epic Shrimp Masala

It was one of those days where I finished late, still had to get groceries before I got home and really didn’t feel like cooking but did not care for take out. One of my favourite things to order from Bibi’s Kitchen in Wynberg is their Shrimp Masala Salomie, but at the price for one

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Kathi Roll

A Kathi Roll is a popular Indian street food made from a flatbread, egg omelette, chicken filling, salad and sauces. We woke up late on Sunday morning so instead of making eggs, I made this! It was the perfect brunch meal. Ingredients: To make 1 Kathi Roll 1 tortilla 1 egg milk or water salt

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Patha Chaat

As you can see, I have been heavily inspired by Indian street food this week. Hubby found an amazing YouTube channel for us to watch which I can’t get enough of. It’s called The Food Ranger  – Trevor James is a travel & food blogger who goes on the most amazing adventures and eats even more amazing

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Khuri Kitchrie

This is hands down one of my favorite meals to eat, as a child growing up as well as an adult! The great thing about Khuri Kitchrie are really all the side dishes that go along with it. I tend to make the standard pumpkin curry and fish chutney accompaniments but spinach and masala aloo

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Chicken Akhni

Akhni is a rice dish made from essentially an Aloo Ghost (Chicken & Potato curry) mixed with cooked rice. Akhni varies from province to province. I’m sure each family will have a different recipe depending on their heritage. For example the Cape Malay version is different to the one I grew up with as my

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