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The Clicks D’licious range has expanded from Wafers and Chocolates to include 5 new cookie flavours. They are currently on promotion until 23.07.2017 as a Buy 3 for 2 special. Not pictured but included in the range are Chocolate Hazelnut and White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies.

Clicks D’licious Biscuit Range from top – bottom: Apple strudel cookies, Brownie cookies and Chunky Chocolate

I was browsing the aisles at Clicks as one does, and came across these biscuits. I love trying new things so I thought I would take one for the team and buy some to do a review for you guys. They were very reasonable and I got one packet for free as they were on promotion. There were 5 biscuits in the range but I bought: Apple Strudel Cookies, Brownie Cookies and Chunky Chocolate.

D’licious Apple Strudel Cookies:

Clicks D’licious Apple Strudel Cookies

Packaging (9/10)

The packaging is cute, the colors of the range remind me of milkshake and the design is modern. The writing is easy to read and the pictures stand out. There is no excess or wasted packaging, only the plastic tray the biscuits come in and the foil wrapper. The plastic tray is soft and most of the biscuits were secure apart from one which had broken but it didn’t turn to complete biscuit dust. The picture of the biscuit on the packaging actually looked like the biscuit so yay for honest advertising.

Texture & Dip Test (9/10)

The cookies were crisp and tasted fresh. They were slightly crumbly as the packaging described but not too soft to fall apart when dipped. I’m not a lengthy dipper because I don’t like biscuit soup – they just needed a quick dunk.

Flavour (10/10)

These cookies were apple, raisin and cinnamon flavor, the raisins were generous and the apple flavor prominent. It didn’t lack flavor in any department and if I didn’t know what I was eating I would be able to tell they were apple. The sugar content per biscuit is 6.6g.


The Apple Strudel Cookies are priced at R19,95 for 8 biscuits which works out to just under R2,50 per biscuit.

D’licious Brownie Cookies:

Clicks D’licious Brownie Cookie

Packaging (10/10)

The packaging for the Brownie Cookies is the same as the Apple Strudel Cookies. The purple foil wrapper covers the long cookie tray that holds all 8 biscuits in place. The Brownie cookies seemed to fit more snugly and securely in the tray than the Apple Strudel Cookies.

Texture & Dip Test (10/10)

The Brownie Cookies were firmer than the Apple Strudel Cookies and really reminded me of a brownie. The centre of the biscuit was chewy and it was perfect as a dipper.

Flavour (9/10)

The flavor of this cookie was intense, dark and chocolatey. The sugar content per biscuit is 6g.

Price (10/10)

These cookies are also priced at R19,95 and contain 8 biscuits.

D’licious Chunky Chocolate Cookies:

D’licious Chunky Chocolate Cookie

Packaging (8/10)

The picture of the cookie on the front of the packaging is an accurate depiction of the product. The “chunks” or pieces of chocolate are really that big and the amount of chocolate is generous. No skimping here. Only down side is I thought they were squashed in the packaging. Some biscuits were broken – which hubby took as an opportunity to eat immediately. The plastic tray is deeper and is split into two compartments. Each one holding 4 cookies. They are a decent size, just smaller than the palm of my hand.

Flavour (9/10)

These cookies were quite sweet, a bit too sweet for my liking but that might not be a negative for some. They are loaded with chunks of milk chocolate. I could only eat one. They reminded me of Chips Ahoy! which we used to get in South Africa but don’t anymore. They are at least double the size of a Chips Ahoy! Cookie and will satisfy a craving for one. The sugar content per biscuit is 8g which explains why it is sweeter than the others.

Texture & Dip Test (10/10)

Like I said above, this is a real chocolate chip cookie. It is slightly crumbly toward the centre and has a lovely light texture. These would be great with a glass of milk but I dipped mine in tea. I think it tastes better when it’s not dipped but it did withstand a good dunk.

Price (9/10)

These cookies are priced at R27,95 for 8 which works out to just under `R3,50 per biscuit. I don’t think the price is bad considering the size of the cookie and the amount of chocolate in them – it’s not like some of those cookies where you need to search for the chocolate chips.

Overall I really like this range and think I will be purchasing the Apple Strudel Cookies again as those were my favourite. I really liked that I could just have one and it satisfied my sweet craving and was the perfect accompaniment to my cup of tea. I’m quite torn about which biscuit I would like second but I think I would go with the Brownie Cookie. It was not as sweet as the Chunky Chocolate and I liked the intense chocolate flavor over the sweetness of the Chunky Chocolate which made me feel a bit sick after.

Disclaimer: 4 Cookies were harmed during this blog post. All products were bought and paid for by the Author. This is not a sponsored post.

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