My Hungry Husband

In December 2018 we visited Johannesburg for a holiday. I was so excited to try all the places I had heard about on Instagram from other foodies, Momo Bauhaus being one of them. My love for asian food is no secret and this was at the top of my list. Momo Bauhaus is a group of four restaurants. Each has a different name and theme. We visited Momo Kuro which had a tapas like theme. It’s recommended to order a variety of dishes and share as that gives you the opportunity to try more things!

Firecracker Chicken

The first dish we tried was called Firecracker Chicken, it was piping hot, crunchy and crispy and a decent portion for the R78 price tag. It definitely lived up to its name and left everyones mouths salivating for more.

Orange Chicken Pancakes

This dish was the Orange Chicken Pancakes (R65) which my sister had ordered. I did not taste these but they looked amazing and I especially love how they were served on a black slate.

Prawn Wontons

Prawn wontons swimming in chilli oil. These had a zing from the Szechuan pepper and we wanted to dip all our food in the oil! 3 wontons for R58.

Cheung Fun


In the background of this picture are the Fiery Green Beans (R52), another Szechuan dish of fried green beans in garlic and dried red chilli. Spicy and hot but we could not resist the heat. The dish in the foreground is the Spicy Peanut Cheung Fun. Cheung Fun is a rice noodle that is steamed and rolled. It has a gelatinous texture and you might love it or hate it. This was sitting in a pool of spicy peanut sauce, topped with crushed peanut, spring onion, black sesame seeds and coriander. It was a decent portion size for R62.

Kung Pow Bao

and last but not least we have the Kung Pow Bao. One of my favourite experiences of the day. Soft and fluffy steamed bao buns filled with crispy beef, kimchi, gochujang, Kewpie mayo, spring onion, sesame seeds and coriander.

By the time we were done eating I had made my mind up to the fact that when I returned home I would try to recreate all the dishes we ate! What an unforgettable experience.

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