My Hungry Husband

The month of October brought a lot of changes in the MHH household. I started the first month of P90X3 and hungrybae and I started eating a lot healthier. What do I mean by healthier? Well I started making salads every single day and paired it back to a protein instead of basing every meal around a carb, which is what I do when I am in a rush, because it tends to be the quickest thing. I’m talking about rice and pasta mostly as those are filling and quick to make. This style of eating wasn’t new to us, but we had slackened in our discipline of late. I stopped buying junk (sweets, chips, chocolates, biscuits) completely except for the occasional box of Beta Snack Digestive Biscuits! This made a huge difference but I did miss something to have with my tea in the evenings and at work. Cue this recipe from Sarah Graham. My colleagues at work have been on this buzz for a while and one night I decided to look for the recipe on Sarah’s blog.

You can find it here if you would like to make it!


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