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One of the many reasons I love Asian food is how ingredients are treated with utmost respect. Most of the flavour comes from the ingredients themselves and they haven’t been “messed” with too much. It’s almost like the least cooking of the raw ingredients the better! This makes for absolutely easy cooking. There might be

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Thai Basil Chicken

This delicious Thai Basil Chicken from The Woks of Life takes only 10 minutes to prepare. Make sure you have your mise en place ready because once you start cooking it goes pretty quickly! I used 2 garlic cloves instead of 5, added cashews and a generous teaspoon of chilli flakes. Serve it with Jasmine

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Pad Thai

I swear I don’t just eat noodles all the time. Although if I had a choice I would, I love them ALL muahahaha. Here is how I turned my leftover Vietnamese salad into Pad Thai. I took out the mint leaves and chucked the rest into the pot. The cucumber was de-seeded so it was

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