My Hungry Husband

Since my timetable changed last week, I have practical class on Wednesday afternoon instead of morning. Thus decided to do my weekly haul one day early. The weekend seemed really busy and even though I admittedly did not do much cooking I was in desperate need of some groceries. I ended up buying a lot of fresh produce but also some dry goods for my grocery cupboard. The only thing I didn’t buy was protein, which when I make up my mind of what I want to cook this week I will go and get some.

This awesome box filled with goodies

Let’s unpack this huge box!

From Left to Right: Spring onion, Butternut, Raspberries, Fettucine, Cocktail tomatoes, tinned tomato, tinned chickpeas, carrots, cucumber, cereal bars assorted, sweet potato, Kumar’s roti, garlic, garlic bread, tomatoes, 2x lettuce heads, mushrooms

Special of the week

The best special of the day goes to the Raspberries – buy two for R30. They had amazing berries on special it was berry heaven. Strawberries were two x 250g punnets for R20 or two x 800g punnets for R50 and as I have only been buying strawberries to make jam, you can find the recipe here, I wanted a break. They also had blueberries for R20. I kept one punnet of raspberries in the fridge and put the other in the freezer. At one stage I had all three berries in my basket and took them out! Too much temptation.


I want to make a vegetarian meal out of the butternut. I’m thinking of roasting it and stuffing it with something…either a curry or cous cous. The cocktail tomatoes can be used for salads as well as a pasta dish with the fettuccine. The carrots I’m hoping to turn into a gluten free carrot cake as well as my overnight carrot cake oats which can be found here. The garlic bread was a bit random but I have been craving it for the longest time and the roti will be served with a curry – I’m thinking butter beans and chicken. Lettuce heads are for salad, I’ve been enjoying eating iceberg lettuce lately, I know a lot of people hate it but I find the lack of flavor makes it easier to eat as I can just make a basic chopped salad with a balsamic vinaigrette and it goes with everything. Mushrooms for mushroom sauce maybe. Tomatoes for cooking in general and sweet potato for chips or brownies. My chana masala recipe went down such a treat last week, I have to make more. You can find the recipe for that here. I am also dying to make chaat! Chaat is an Indian street food that has lots of bits in it. It has all the textural combinations and lots of sauces and crunchy bits which gives you contrasting tastes and amazing mouth feel! Thats really high on my list and I hope I get to make that soon.

Here are some more pictures from my haul and my till slip so you can see exactly how much I paid for everything! I hope you enjoyed shopping with me and get some great bargains!

Look at all the beautiful berries! I just wanted to take them all home haha
and some more! seriously

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