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While everyone is out there doing Zara hauls and Louis Vuitton reveals, I’m going to show you what I bought yesterday in my “Weekly Grocery Haul”. I have become a careful consumer, only buying groceries when it’s absolutely necessary, eating out of my freezer and cupboard and using every single thing I buy until it is finished. I used to treat grocery shopping like window shopping, you tell yourself you’re just going to look then you walk out of the shop with bags of things that either weren’t on your list or because they looked nice. Call it an occupational hazard but I really do like seeing allll the things. Anyone else out there that’s like me? Anyways, back to the task at hand. Weekly grocery haul from Food Lovers Access Park. They have great specials every Wednesday. I will be honest and say I never liked to shop there but I am more money conscious these days and have started to change my shopping habits. As they say on YouTube, let’s get into it.

Pic Credit: My mad skills with an iphone (obvious sarcasm intended)

Top Left to Bottom Right: Banana Punnet, 3 Avos, “Fancy” lettuce, 250g Strawberries, 6x330ml Tab, 4x cereal bars, coriander, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatos, courgettes, chicken wings.

Let’s talk about prices. As you can see from my receipt below, the biggest value purchases were the baby marrow/courgette punnet, lettuce, broccoli, and strawberry punnet. The normal price of courgettes in the shops are around R19.99 – R22.99 per punnet and lettuce heads around R15 – R17 depending on the type. R8.33 for 250g of strawberries is a steal and what I love most about Food Lovers is if you don’t buy their entire special/combo you still get the discounted price. For example, the special was R25 for 3 punnets of strawberries. I only bought one but got the same price if I had bought 3.

The normal retail price of strawberries falls between R27.99 – R34.99 depending on the type and shop. The cereal bars are treats/snacks and R3.99 is a good price. The chocolate brownie ones only have 2.6g of sugar per serving. I wouldn’t indulge on these too often but every now and again can’t hurt. The dark chocolate slab is 70% Cocoa and was R9.99, I haven’t tried it before so might try it in my baking. One block after dinner would also suffice for my sweet tooth. The last luxury item from this haul is the 6 pack of Tab. Hungrybae loves Tab (I know, I don’t get it either) so when I saw it for R34.99 I grabbed a pack. It usually retails for R47.99 at Pick ‘n Pay and R52.99 from Woolworths.

The Avo’s, mushrooms and packet of tomatoes were part of a combo special. R29 for 3 Avo’s and you got the mushrooms and tomatoes for “free”. When I got home I realized they didn’t charge me for the Avo’s. Cashier’s mistake. I love Woolworth’s just as much as the next person, but when you look at prices like this you can’t deny you are being ripped off for the fancy shopping experience and nice packaging.

Access Park is definitely not the nicest or cleanest branch but it takes minimal effort to select the best produce from what they have on offer.

Happy Shopping!

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All items bought and paid for by the Author.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Grocery Haul: 2 August 2017”

  1. I love a bargain, whether it is food, shoes or clothing. So, I simply cannot pay more for an item when I know I can find the same thing for so much cheaper somewhere else.

    I even prefer independent green grocers at the moment! Not only do they have a whole lot more personality, but the bargains are endless!

    1. Hi Alet! I absolutely agree. So glad I started shopping here, have already changed other (read clothing) shopping habits. Markets are a great place to find local suppliers too and they always have excellent quality items. FYI you are my first official comment so thank you for reading and commenting, much appreciated 🙂 xx ilhaam

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