My Hungry Husband

Hey guys, it feels like it’s been a while since I did one of these, but that’s probably because I didn’t get a chance to go haulin’ during the week. Note to self, Food Lover’s on a Sunday isn’t a great idea lol. Is there any time when that place isn’t busy?? FYI I will be talking about a few other places to shop in this post. So keep reading!

Food Lover’s Market – Access Park

From Left to Right: Cucumber, Mint, Yoghurt, Mushrooms, Chickpeas, Cereal Bars, Tomato, Cauli/Broc, Avocados, Ginger, Spring Onion, Strawberries, Snack Tomatoes, Bananas, Milk x 6, Eggs x 6.

I kept it really basic this week. Just bought general items that I know I can use to either make as side dishes, or vegetarian meals that we are really enjoying at the moment like the chickpea curry or falafels. I don’t have a plan for this week because I’ve been so busy and am worrying about other things I haven’t really thought about it. I have been enjoying making salads, noodles and more vegetarian dishes so hopefully that will translate into what I’m cooking. I spent a bit more than usual but if you take out the milk (R60) and avocados (R30) it would have come to under R200. When it starts to get closer to any holiday period I like having things like Milk in the house in bulk. It saves me from making trips to the shop to buy one item. FLM had a great special on 2 Ply toilet paper, buy 3 for R100. I usually buy the Woolies 2 Ply for R89.99 (18 pack) when it goes on special but this deal was even better. I would probably have only bought one at R33.33 and regret not buying it!

Other Bargains at Access

Steve Madden opened up in Access Park and I went there for the first time yesterday. They had tons of ladies heels priced from R199 – R599 and up. I saw all the popular styles from last season. The mens section lacked in variety and sizes. I was very tempted to buy something but haven’t been wearing heels for the longest time so it would have been a waste. Also trying not to buy things just because they’re pretty. LOL.

Fossil had a 50% off everything sale, just for the weekend, I saw tons of beautiful bags, accessories and watches. I did not buy anything because I hate making decisions under pressure (it was the last day for the sale).

Coco & Miles is a newish addition to Access, you can follow them on Instagram here. The store is owned by Zaib Brenner and offers the latest fashion trends at a reasonable price. They have a large selection of tops, dresses, accessories and bottoms. I saw a few nice things I had my eye on from her Instagram page but was shopping with other people so found it difficult to browse in my own time. Definitely check it out the next time you are there. They had 30% off selected styles and a 20% off rail.

Cape Spice Emporium

If you have never been to this shop before, please make a special trip. It is a treasure trove of ingredients at unbelievable prices. This is the place to go to if you are looking for speciality ingredients. Freekeh, Sumac, Zaatar, gluten free oats, pomegranate syrup are some of the items I spied when walking around. They sell wholesale so their prices are really competitive. I’m most excited about the Rice Paper wraps and the Pani Puri Shells I bought. I cannot wait to make them. Fried onion makes cooking indian food so easy. Since browning onions takes so long, if I use these I can cook a curry in 20 minutes. I know I am going to have some late afternoons at work and this will really help. Besides, who likes to chop onions.

I hope you guys found some great bargains this week! Stay tuned to my Instastories to see what I make this week.

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