My Hungry Husband

This weeks grocery haul could not have come at a better time. I was running seriously low on fruit & vegetables and did not get a chance to go shopping earlier. It feels like I have been preparing for one event after another, with my mum’s birthday last week Saturday and Eid ul-Adha on Friday.    Knowing this, I still willingly went to Fruit & Veg Access Park but tried to go a little bit early as I knew it would be busy. It’s bad enough it’s month end but throw in a religious holiday and it feels like utter chaos. Needless to say I’m still here so it wasn’t that bad and I survived it.

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Tenderised steak, ostrich mince, cauli-broc, smoked snoek, 1kg tomato, coconut milk, 2x tins tuna, 250g strawberries, paw paw, pineapple, bananas, apples, kiwi fruit, carrots, butternut, Kumar’s roti, Albany dark chocolate.

Fruit Combo: R39

The best bargain today was the fruit combo for R39. You had to buy 1x paw paw, pineapple, apple thrift pack, bananas and 250g strawberry punnet. They had other specials such as 3x pineapples for R20 and 2x punnets of strawberries for R25. Since it is just two of us at home I rarely buy these types of specials as it’s a waste for us. I also bought 2x kiwis for R10 (R5 each) so I can make a fruit platter for Eid.

Tenderised steak: R69,99 p/kg

The next bargain was the tenderized steak. I paid roughly R38 for just over 500g and have frozen this to use later for my weekly meals.

I was a bit shocked at the price of the ostrich mince. I normally buy this from Pick ‘n Pay or Woolworths but since I was at Fruit & Veg and needed I just chucked it into my trolley. I didn’t see the price on the shelf and only when I got home and nearly balked at the R59,99 price tag. It is usually R49,99 in both P ‘n P and Woolies.

The tuna was R26 for two tins and the coconut milk was R50 for 3, I only bought one tin but still got the discount. My other items are just basic things that I keep in the fridge and will get used up.

In total I spent almost R300, which is more than what I usually spend but keeping in mind I bought a lot of proteins today, I would say I still did okay as this should last me for almost two weeks.


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